I extend heartfelt gratitude to my supervisors, Professors Toby Heys, Vikram Kausal, and Richard Brook, with a special mention for Marsha Courneya, for her steadfast support and insightful guidance. Their collective wisdom has profoundly shaped my journey, leaving a lasting impact on my intellectual growth and the successful completion and publication of this thesis. My sincere thanks also go to Dr. Louise Adkins, Craig Ashley, Mohani Bains, Will Bankhead, Stephen Barber, Luke Blair, DeForrest Brown Jr., Aidy Dowling, Lee Gamble, Vivienne Griffin, Ellie Higgins, Libby Higgins, Geoffrey Holroyd, Gareth Horner, Avtar Singh Joule, Millie Boxhall-Klavis, Paul Purgas, Scott King, Mykiel Riley, Dhanesh Virk, Didi Wambugu, and Emma Warren for their invaluable support, some inadvertent, and enriching creative exchanges. I am particularly indebted to Benedicte Gyldenstierne Sehested for their sensitivity, unwavering belief and unparalleled use of idioms, coupled with constructive and honest feedback during the crucial final phase of my work. Additionally, my appreciation extends to immediate family for their patience and emotional support amidst both welcome and challenging distractions throughout this endeavour. Thank you all. 

This research project is dedicated to the memory of Marie and John Joseph O’Malley, Nicholas Betton, and Paul Whittaker.