Research Question

How can a curatorial toolkit for sound art excavate historical sites of cultural resistance? 

Research Aim and Objectives

  1. To design and test a site-specific curatorial toolkit for sonic arts to historical acts of cultural resistance, repositioning them from underrepresented narratives to mainstream discourses. 

  2. To undertake desk and archival research alongside fieldwork on site-specific historical cultural events. Consolidate documents from both established and non-established archives to create two comprehensive digital datasets, adhering to ethical and archival guidelines. 

  3. To utilise the digital data sets with the site-specific curatorial toolkit for sonic arts to research, produce, and disseminate two soundwork commissions that enhance historical understanding. 

  4. To organise and conduct an active listening workshop to evaluate comprehension of acoustic environments, encompassing frequencies, rhythms, and the contingent characteristics of sound.  

  5. To evaluate memory retention and recall, fostering the formation of new understandings as integral components of knowledge exchange during the workshop through active listening. 

  6. To broadcast and publish two soundwork commissions through local and international digital radio platforms and a dedicated website accessed via QR codes on printed materials at each investigation site, facilitating easy electronic device access to expand audience reach..